Welcome to my Wild & Whimsical World...!


You've stumbled upon the world of SERENDIPITIES by Dena ... where I share my whimsically hand-painted furnARTure & accessories with those who are looking for something off the beaten track ...

I'm a folk artist -- completely self-taught. I discovered that I could paint at age 40, that I had a gift of coordinating/clashing various colors and patterns, in a way that "breaks the rules" and yet delights the senses. I take great pleasure in giving stuffy and serious furniture the "permission" to express their inner frivolity & frou-frouness, all the while retaining their inherent functional usefulness ...

... a lamp still lights up the room, even while it lights up the heart.

Serendipity means "an unexpected treasure" ... as I scour the countryside, looking for unwanted and forlorn furniture to rescue, repair and resurrect, I often come upon an unexpected treasure hiding in a yard sale, a flea market, a thrift store, or even a dumpster (yes, I horrify my children by digging in the trash!). I bring home these discounted diamonds in the rough, seeing past the rough exterior, into the hidden potential. After cleaning, repairing, and priming each piece (creating a blank canvas), I let the inner joy and beauty of each piece come out -- I'm often as surprised and delighted as anyone else, to discover what it "wanted" to look like, as the unexpected treasure emerges ...

(for the record, I see human beings the same way...).

After each piece is "adopted" by the new owner, my desire is that this treasure will continue to inspire delight and joy, as it catches the eye, and brings a smile -- transforming the mundane moment-at-hand into an unexpected treasure.

I have a covert plan, to infect the world ... invading every home on the planet with one of my creations, lightening each heart, and bringing about a contagious harmony! I'm out to transform the planet -- one piece of furnARTure at a time..!

Shows & Events (Past, Present, Future)

Local 14 Art Show
Foresty Center
Portland, Oregon
October 14-17, 2010

Charbonneau Art Festival
Wilsonville, Oregon
October 1 & 2, 2010

Silverton Fine Art Fair
Silverton, Oregon
August 21 & 22

Art in the Forest
West Linn, Oregon
August 14 & 15

Davenport Days
Silverton, Oregon
August 6, 7, 8, 2010

Dallas Summerfest
Dallas, Oregon
August 1, 2010

Salem Art Faire and Festival
Salem, Oregon
July 16, 17 & 18

Cracked Pots UnGarden Show
Forest Grove, Oregon
March 6, 2010 - 11:00-6:00

Portland's Christmas Expo
December 4, 5, 6, 2009

McMinnville Crazy-Christmas Bazaar!
November 27, 28, & 29, 2009

Charbonneau Arts Festival
Wilsonville, Oregon
October, 2009

Hops & Heritage Festival
Independence, Oregon
September, 2009

Master Gardener Fall Fling
Dallas, Oregon
September 2009

Dallas, Oregon
July 23-26, 2009

~ The Story Behind the Art ..! ~

What a delight it is to discover the many ways in which we are creative beings! Whether as artists, or writers, or gardeners, or cooks, or actors, or salespeople, or entrepreneurs, or singers, or organizers, or parents, or students, or whatever our particular bent..! What joy to join God, as co-creators, in this life we've launched into! I love the sense of *beingness* that I experience when I'm lost in the moment-of-now, in the midst of the creative Process & mindset ... I forget time and even my surroundings ... as the clamor of the tyranny of the urgent fades mercifully into the background, and I just get to BE who I Am... ahhhhh, sweet Rest-infused-with-energy!

Recently, I've REdiscovered my artistic-bent ... the past several years have been tumultuous, and creative in other ways ... and quite frankly, my spiritual/emotional/transitional journey took over my life with a huge intensity. And so, something that I love to do had to take a backseat for a while ~ a temporary hiatus.

However, it's become clear to me that it's time to bring it back, to reclaim this sidelined part of who I AM ... that my inner-creative-bent must come out to play! And so, I've started to paint again ... not portraits or still-lifes, or even walls (I do that too, as a faux-artist), but in painting my wild and wacky furniture as art, or FurnARTure. I've shared the photos on the side-bar ----> (& then down a wee bit), but I'd like to share a little bit about why I do what I do ...

I was bulimic for many years, from 1979 - 2000 (ages 18-39)... very seriously addicted, and came close to dying many times ... tried everything to recover (you name it, I did it, to no avail). I felt like a totally spent, useless, discarded human being, a complete failure ... utterly hopeless. In the fall of 2000, I got the sudden out-of-nowhere urge to paint-over a little stool in my house (this after having had all creativity sucked out of me by the addiction - when one is in "survive mode", there's no room for thriving).

This particular stool had a Pennsylvania Dutch "hex" sign on the seat, of a two-headed bird ... each head looking into different directions. It suddenly spoke to me of "double-mindedness"... conflicting inner desires - a confused-compulsion for self-destruction on one hand, and a haunting desire for life (rather than merely existing) on the other. That stool wordlessly taunted me, reflecting the inner-judgment that tormented my soul. A silent indictment. I couldn't bear to look at it for a moment longer!

I primed that little stool, marveled in the inviting clean-whiteness of it, and launched into the creative process ... it was as if the life and joy was coming to me, more like through me, from some forgotten place deep within me, as if the stool spoke to me about what it wanted to be -- somehow reflecting what I wanted to be, or to remember who I am...

I was delighted with the final outcome, and quite frankly astonished -- I felt a spark of long-forgotten joy in my heart. I continued, transforming many items, just for the sheer joy of it. It was a thrill to take old, discarded, unwanted, useless items (which I found in yard sales, thrift stores, and dumpsters), to clean them up, prime them (that fresh blank slate), and bring out the hidden inner-life. Something within ME was feeling the hope-of-life again...

Three months later, in an incredible moment of transformation, I was healed of bulimia (the tool/mode was Theophostic prayer) ... it was as if something said to me, "as you did with the furniture, so I do with you ... you are not old, discarded, unwanted or useless ... you are a conduit of joy and life, which I'm now bringing forth, from where it was long-hidden." The outward manifestation was a pronouncement, a foretelling if you will, of what was happening within me, where it could not yet be seen.

Out of the ashes of a life deemed hopeless, beauty has emerged. I am the most astonished & grateful of women! I've transformed from barely surviving, to gloriously thriving!

And so, my painting continues to be an affirmation of life and joy ... complete with the inherent imperfections that come with the rescued, and forgotten, and passed-over things of this life ... testimonies of where they once were, and what they have now become. Nothing wasted, nothing regretted. All good.

I love that I rescue these diamonds-in-the-rough out of the landfills (recycling in a sublime form - more rewarding than merely rinsing out cans, LOL!) ... that I give them new life and purpose again ... that they serve to bring joy and delight to those who see them. They're meant to be beautiful and useful, if "only" to bring a smile to the face and the heart, when they catch the eye.

I call my art Serendipities by Dena ... for each piece is an unexpectedly-revealed treasure, a reminder that within each of us, without exception, there is a hidden source of joy and beauty, a spark of Life, that can come forth if only we take the time to draw it out...!

I dare you, I challenge you, and I hope to inspire you to freely-express YOUR joy and creativity today...!

Shalom & Namaste,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Local 14 Women's Art Show & Sale - Portland...!

Come one, come all --this is going to be a fanTABulous show...!

Check out the website -- MUCH to see!

Thursday, October 14th - Sunday, October 17th, at the Forestry Center in the Oregon Zoo, in Portland.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love Art! Gallery Has a NEW Website!

The BEST art gallery in Portland, in Oregon, heck, on the planet!!!

Check out the website, and make this a destination-visit ... well worth it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ladies Night Out - Silverton, Oregon

Notice ~ On Friday, April 9th, I'll be a vendor at the Silverton, Oregon Ladies Night Out, at the Oregon Garden Pavilion, from 7 - 10 PM ... tickets are $35, and are on sale now (over 21 only).

The participating vendors are:
Allison & Israel Jewelers LLC
Arbonne International
Bamboo Originals
Beads n' More Design Studio
Butterflies Studio and Gallery Inc.
Fancy Stitches Embroidery Studio
Lavender Thyme Herb Farm
LB Glassworks, LLC
Miche Rep Deb
Moonstone Spa
Silverton Fitness
Spurs, A Trading Company
Stella & Dot
Take Shape for Life
The Basket Tree
The Chocolate Box
The Source at Wellspring
Willamette Valley Vineyards
Woodburn Company Stores
Naked Winery
Personal Design Massage
Pure Romance by Lisa
Purse Addiction
Rachel’s Place... A Touch of Grace
Risley Design
Salem Women's Clinic
Serendipities by Dena
Silpada Designs

Spread the word, and come say hello ...!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun & Festivities Update ...!

As always - SO much is happening in my realm...!

Two weeks ago, I participated in the Cracked Pots UnGarden show, in Forest Grove, Oregon -- all the art had to be recycled -- great fun! SUCH creativity was oozing at that show..! I sold four items, including two stools painted with a "labyrinth" motif (and I didn't realize it was a labyrinth 'til that moment! It was an image I woke up seeing, and felt inspired to duplicate).

And last week, I discovered the magic that is the McMinnville Market, in (appropriately enough!) McMinnville, Oregon (about 25 miles from my home -- wherein my parents live). WHAT a magical space! It's in an old converted silo/granary ... soooOOOOOoaring ceilings (what? five stories in height?) ... swaths of vibrant fabric is festooned up among the rafters ... the juxtaposition of rough walls and corrugated metal with brightly colored art is enchanting! It's the dream-child of Shannon Thorson, who is quite the visionary! She started last fall, and invited various artists and artisans to join her in this adventure ... so from 9-3 each Saturday, this space comes to glorious LIFE ... filled with (as her advertisement says):
A Four-Season Gathering of Artists, Writers, Farmers, Wine Makers, Musicians, Chefs, Purveyors, Hounds and Local Celebrities"

Now, I've done my share of venues ... and this one is *special*. Unlike many, where each proprietor is busily fixing and fussing and rushing about, this one is brimming over with excitement and enthusiasm ... the vendors were *smiling* as they unloaded vans/trucks/cars, helping each other, being courteous and kind...! Laughter was ringing through the rafters, as we set up and prepared. The sense of collaborative community was so very evident. And the customers walked around grinning ...!

I'll be back for the next two weeks (& then as often as I can throughout the year) -- if you're ANYwhere near the area, it's WELL worth the drive ... come say hi to me, and enjoy the antiques, art, books, live music, face-painting (and hair-braiding with flowers), Kobe beef hot dogs and chili (really!), artisans bread, forged iron, art gallery, wacky furniture, garden ornaments, jewelry, gourmet coffee, plants for sale, homemade pies, goat cheese, organic produce, and FUN!

Shalom, Dena

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sharing Some Commissions...!

Whew! Been so busy painting that I've not shared what I've been doing! And the point of my painting is to SHARE it...!

I've also been busily applying to some of the "Better" art/craft shows in the area ... I got accepted into the Cracked Pots UnGarden show, which will be on March 6, in Forest Grove, Oregon, at the McMenamin's Lodge ... all of the art has to be recycled, so I fit right in -- very much looking forward to that one!

I've also been accepted into the Silverton Ladies Night Out, April 10th, in Silverton, Oregon -- should be a fun show!

And - I've applied to Salem's Art Festival (one of the top 50 shows in the nation) ... might be sharing a booth for that one, if we're both accepted (the other artist is a photographer).

As well, I'm hoping to get in to the Lake Oswego Art Faire, Art in the Pearle (Portland - one of the top 10 shows in the nation!), the Corvallis Fall Festival, and the Local 14 Women's Art show (Portland)... I've applied to them all, and am awaiting the news ... I'll put out the word when I get it!

Back to the commissions...

Here's a nightstand I did for a favorite client (& friend -- she now possesses at least 10 of my creations!):

And here's a mirror done for my son's girlfriend, for Christmas:

This mirror was done for a local friend (it was formerly a window from her house!):

Here's a "vahze" done for another friend ... got to figure out how to ship it now!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update for 2010

MUCH has been happening ... almost too much to keep up with...!

I had several commissions to paint, most of them for Christmas. And then, four days prior to Christmas, I was flooded with Mommy-guilt (the second most powerful force in the universe!), and I set about to paint ten items in those four days (8 for the offspring, and then one each for the beloved and omni-present boyfriend and girlfriend). Here's a a wooden bowl (inside and outside), a nightstand, and a mirror:

Then, I plunged into the task of figuring out what shows to apply for in 2010 ... it's amazing how early most of these shows set their application deadlines! You pretty much have to be an insider, to get in. Once in, you're in ... but this has required quite a bit of sleuth-work and hoop-jumping.

At this point, I've applied for 3 shows ... the Lake Oswego Art Faire, in June ... the Cracked Posts UnGarden show, in March ... and the Silverton Ladies' Night Out, in April. I should start hearing soon if I'm "in". Some of them have pretty stringent requirements to get in (requiring a high level of attention to detail that doesn't always mesh with the artistic personality -- my kingdom for a secretary! or a clone!), and others are more relational. But an artist's gotta do what an artist's gotta do...! Other shows I'm hoping to get into are the West Linn Art in the Forest, and the Corvallis Fall Festival.

Oh! Almost forgot -- I donated a sweet little tea table, for Corvallis' Chocolate Fantasy Festival's art auction, to be held on the evening of February 27th. Here's that little table:

I've not ventured into any more stores or galleries ... I LOVE the places where I'm already involved ... and I'm wanting to honor them more with keeping them well-stocked with fresh art.

I sold one large and lovely mirror in December ... it was hung in the wonderful Cascade Bakery, in downtown Salem, where they make an entire wall available for "Artists in Action" artists, all year 'round. The quote on the mirror reads, "Those Who Bring Sunshine Into the Lives of Others Cannot Keep it From Themselves."

I currently have two other mirrors hanging in the Spinnaker Office building, near the Salem airport -- they'll remain there through March. This one reads, "Reach High, For Stars Lie Hidden In Your Soul."

And this one reads, "Stay the Course, Reach a Star; Change the World, Where'er You Are."

Sales have been slow, but steady ... nothing that's going to put/keep anyone in college, but plenty to keep me able to continue creating, and to apply for shows.

'Tis the year to "expose myself"... LOL! Just got to keep the concepts of "exhibits" and "exhibitionists" quite distinct...! Location, location, location! ;)

Shalom, Dena

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Off to Portland's Expo Center for "America's Largest Christmas Bazaar!"

Christmas Art Show Booth

I just got accepted into Portland Expo Center's "America's Largest Christmas Bazaar"...! (Yup - that's a photo of my booth at the last show!)

December 5 - 7, Friday - Sunday.

I'll be schlepping my stuff up to Portland, sitting and schmoozing for 3 festive and fun-filled days! This is an amazing show, and an astonishing opportunity for me ... there are almost 1,000 vendors, and 30,000 people attended the show last year! If you're up for a trip to the Expo Center in Portland this weekend, and the chance to find unique Christmas/Holiday gifts, make sure you stop by to see me!

Friday's show is free, for those who bring two cans of food for the Sunshine Foundation.

Here's my Craig's List ad, for more information and some fabulous (taken by my daughter) photographs (finally figured out how to get the BIG photos on Craig's List!): http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/com/1491009607.html

Overflowing blessings to ALL...!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shameless, Self-Promoting Plug

I just squeaked in as a last-minute vendor in this 2nd annual (upscale) Art Bazaar in McMinnville (not your grandma's bazaar, but she can come!). Been painting my you-know-what off! Thriving on paint-fumes! Who needs sleep?!?

Dates: November 27,28 and 29, 2009 (The weekend of/after Thanksgiving)
Time: 9:00 - 6:00 Friday/Saturday; Noon - 5:00 Sunday
Location: Yamhill County Fairgrounds, 2070 NE Lafayette Ave McMinnville, OR 97128

I'll have ALL of my recently-created items, minus what's in the Love Art Gallery (Sellwood), and the items in the Black/White/Gray Show at Keizer. Gifts for everyone (including yourself!) ... children's furniture (galore!), mirrors, clocks, tables, jewelry boxes, candlesticks, vases, canes (joy sticks!), whatever has held still long enough for me to paint it...!

Come and see - come and schmooze!

Shalom, Dena

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Results of Black/White/Gray Show...!

What a night!

This being my first-ever entry in an art show, I didn't know what to expect ... I told Mark and the kids to stay home, in case it was boring and stuffy.

I dressed up in black and white (but of course!), and ventured forth to Keizer (about 20 miles away). I was amazed and astonished at the caliber of art in the show...! Mon Dieu, but it was GOOD! All manner of mediums ... oils, drawings, sketches, etchings, watercolors, mosaics, sculptures, 3 dimensional collages, photographs ... and my table and chair. SO much talent was represented!

I had several artist, judges and others come up to me and say how much they loved my work ... quite nice and gratifying, coming from "real" artists (I feel like the Pinocchio of the art-world, a "not quite real" artist ... a pretend-artist). One gentleman was an attorney ... one who happens to know my father, who's a circuit court judge ... one who would certainly enjoy black and white art...! ;)

We were encouraged to vote for 3 artists whose work we most enjoyed ... I was feeling just gauche enough to vote for myself (if I don't like my work, who will?), as well as two other artists ... one was a sort of bustier-sculpture ... it spoke of freedom from enslavement. Another was an oil painting of a small boy's face, from the nose up ... looking up to his (off-canvas) father ... the father's gnarled hand on the boy's head (the boy looks a lot like my Benji, my youngest). I *wish* I'd remembered to bring my camera..! The votes will continue throughout the month-long exhibit, as others come to view the artwork on display.

Then it was time for the awards ceremony ... I sat with the rest of the artists ... they were all thrilled with the turnout ... it seems that there were more entries than in years past -- 75 pieces of artwork in all -- and that the quality of the art was outstanding. They wanted to honor first, second and third places ... as well as 5 honorable mentions, out of the 75 pieces. I couldn't believe my ears to hear that my art was awarded one of the honorable mentions...! Me! The not-quite-real artist, who snuck in the back door ... the one who almost didn't paint in black/white/gray ... the one who almost didn't enter...!

They went on and on about how much joy my art brought them ... how it captivated their imagination, and even invited them to sit in the chair ... and one of the judges said, "be sure to check out her photo album -- she sells other items, and even takes commissions" ... LOL, the judge was plugging my work!

And then, right in front of everyrone, the middle finial came unglued and fell off...! Right there at the show! Stinkin' white gorilla glue didn't hold up! Rather than it being a terrible moment, one of the judges rushed off to find some Elmer's glue, and held the finial in place 'til it dried ...! At least it waited 'til after they jurying...

Later, I was having a blast talking with one of the women ... she was vibrant, energetic and highly complimentary of the art, including mine ... we were discussing menopause, and the freedom to finally speak our minds ... she told the art director to be sure to bring the art to the next city council meeting, and to get it in the newspaper. I asked her if she was on the council ... everyone laughed, and said, "she's the mayor!" Hoo-boy! I was schmoozing with the mayor about menopause!

Not the stuffy and boring event I was anticipating -- what a lovely surprise all around! Wishing Mark had been with me ... but there'll be a next time!

I'm guessing this means I *might* be a real artist now...!

Maybe I'll even start feeling like one...

Shalom, Dena

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creations for the Black/White/Gray Show..!

Whew! I'm done!

I spent a week in a frenzy of painting ... not only completing the black/white/gray table and chairs for the Keizer Art Show, but also finishing 8 other full-color items to bring to the Silverton Green Store -- all in time for tomorrow!


My daughter, Micaela, our resident photographer extraorinaire, has taken some lovely pictures ... (& she's available for hire, btw!), which I'll happily share here:

Here's the "Tuxedo Tea Table":

Here's a close-up of the faux-marbleized top:

And here's a peek at the twisted-base:

And now for the chair (which is awaiting a creative name ... too pooped to think at the moment!):

And a couple of zoom-shots:

Sooooo... there you have it. My debut into the realm of black, white, and gray. Tomorrow I'll find out if it'll be accepted into the juried art show ... and I have to decide if they'll be for sale, or just for show (I want to keep 'em!)(but then, I always do!).

If anyone thinks of a clever name for the chair -- let me know quick!

Shalom, Dena

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Upcoming Art Show in Keizer, Oregon

I'm expanding my horizons ... trying something new...!

I recently joined a wondermous organization ... Artist in Action. It's an organization for artists, based in Salem, Oregon. Fabulous folks ... not only hyper-talented, but they struck me as honest and authentic folks. Much appreciated in the world of art, were pretension can loom large.

While at their meeting, I caught wind of an art exhibit being featured in Keizer, Oregon, not far from my home. It's called the "Black, White and Gray" show ... and, true to it's name, all artwork must only be in shades of black, white and gray. At first, I snorted at the concept (yes, I snorted outloud, in the meeting), since my art is all about vivid color. But it stayed with the ... the concept of doing my art in only the non-color tones ... challenging ... intriguing ... all-too-tempting...!

I got hooked on the concept. I purchased every shade of gray I could find, schlepped them to my home studio, and looked about my "nekkid" furniture, to see which would be good candidates ... one little tea table jumped out at me ... round top, twisted base, and curved triplet "feet". Perfect. Then, I found a lovely vintage chair in one of the local stores wherein my furniture is displayed and sold ... "Some Things". The chair from the 1920's ... and was painted in a crackled green. Charming as it was, and yet it was crying out for a new expression (I heard it!). Again, perfect.

So, after much experimentation, the chair is now a riot of black, white and gray ... looking very much like I had taken a B&W photo of one of my multi-colored items! Without relying on colors, I had to focus on shape, shade, and details ... using a smokey gray for the legs, I then painted a subtler-lighter shade of gray for flowers ... let it dry, only to return and find them GONE! I *knew* that I had indeed painted 200+ flowers on that chair, but they had evaporated, seemingly into thin air(!) ... sigh ...

After wondering whether I'd gone completely batty, and ruling out an odd metaphysical experience, I discovered that the shade was the same as that on the legs, despite having a different name, and made by differing companies ... and while it went on a light shade, it dried darker. Rats.

So ... I had to do it again, using a customized shade I derived out of adding a blip of black into a wallop of white ... and voila -- the ideal shade for neutralized-flowers, which I then detailed with high-gloss black. I used a conglomeration of all the shades to create a lovely marbleized effect on the seat ... polka-dots, swirling vines, and checks complete the presentation. The crowning touches are finials I created out of various wood pieces, and then painted ... gluing them to the top. When it's sprayed with varnish, I'll add beaded glass fringe, and it shall be complete!

I did much the same for the table, adding strings of pearls to accent the twisted base -- tres elegant!

I'm quite pleased with the effect ... it's all much like seeing a transformed "plain Jane" get dressed in formal attire ... the result resembling a tuxedo and an evening gown.

I'll bring the pieces to the gallery in Keizer this Wednesday ... and hope that they'll get juried into the show. IF so, then they'll be on display throughout November, launching with a reception. The opening reception for family, friends and the public is Saturday, November 7, 5PM to 8PM.

Keizer Art Association & Enid Joy Mount Gallery
980 Chemawa Rd NE, Keizer, OR 97303
Phone: 503-390-3010 – www.keizerarts.org

This is my first art show of this sort ... rather than being a vendor at an art show, I'd be displayed. NO idea of whether what I've done (what I do) fits with their vision ... I could be utterly outside their box (wouldn't be the first time, LOL!). Then again, they may be charmed.

No matter ... I'm charmed. I love what came out of me, onto these items ... and as soon as they're finished, I'll share the photos here. In answering the challenge, I've discovered a whole new "line" I can share with others...!

Shalom, Dena

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonderful New Opportunity..!

I've been invited to participate in a WONDERFUL store in Silverton, Oregon ... a unique, conscientious, radical, and uberly-GORGEOUS store that's all-Green.

It's called, appropriately enough, The Silverton Green Store, owned and run by Michelle Fenney, whose life-affirming and beauty-acknowledging philosophy permeates every corner of the store...!

This is NOT your typical fusty "in order to be green, we must only decorate/utilize brown" store - oh NO! This store is a symphony of color and energy! It exudes joy, a delight for all the senses, and a balm for the conscience! Every corner declares an exuberance for life, and for living responsibly, and joyously, simultaneously! It truly must be seen to be believed!

I am honored, thrilled, and blessed to be included in this amazing store, this tremendous opportunity ...

If you're within driving-range, come and experience this store ... explore every nook and cranny ... discover a way to celebrate life in a manner which honors all life. I promise, you will leave buoyant and grinning..!

(Serendipites by Dena will debut there the first week of November -- now back to frenzied and creative painting...!)

Shalom, Dena

The Silverton Green Store
201 E. Main St.
Silverton, Oregon 97381
(503) 602-1808
(503) 873-6242
Email: dragonfly@silvertongreenstore.com
Web: www.silvertongreenstore.com

If So Led, Check Out My Spiritual-Journey Blog: